• Over
    9 years of QA experience

    Quality Assurance Company established on incentive to pursue excellence and distinction. Over 9 years of experience in software testing & management, multitudes of projects have formed a unique suite of expertise areas.

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  • Testing + Leading +
    Managing + Consulting

    From scrutiny to analysis, we adjust and deliver values from both ends.

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  • Analysis
    & Planning

    Collaboration with stakeholders in order to produce realistic timelines & effective processes. This includes risk analysis, reporting methods, means of communication and test scenarios.

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  • Execution
    & Management

    Creation of quality. Phase of diligence and constant refinement. Prioritizing visibility and swift flow of information, we commit to providing an insightful overview in frequent manner.

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Test Strategy

Test strategy and planning

Our approach for creating a quality system of such level consists of grouping all quality-related activities into a unified system and the gradual perfection of that system.
- Collection/review/analysis of project requirements – including solution documents and regulatory requirements;
- Risk analysis – will be included after initial review of project documents/scope;
- Test strategy – planning and preparing all necessary documentation;
- Feedback to solution documents and business requirements;
- Planning and preparation of project QA activities;
- Promoting collaboration between project stakeholders and supporting the development with QA services in all project stages;
- Defining entry/exit criteria, duration, timelines, effort and dependencies – all according to project needs.

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Test Management

Test Management

Everything will be negotiated with project stakeholders to align project QA expectations, responsibilities and quality gating.

- Resource allocation – managing project resources per requirements and needed skills;
- Collaboration with internal and subsidiary QA teams;
- Daily and Weekly meetings with client QA managers, Business Analysts and Business Project Managers – daily meetings are held according to business needs;
- Consulting 3rd party product QA engineers and CMS team regarding functionality on/off-site (both content customisation and instance configuration);
- Mentoring QA engineers on/off-site;
- Consulting and training;
- On-site support;
- Support after launch

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Software testing

Software testing

We offer the whole range of testing services. When performing tasks, we keep in mind the limits on resources and time restrictions.

- Test management and test scenario preparations – test plan and scenarios are developed according to the ANSI/IEEE 829 Standard. All testing activities are supervised by the test manager;
- Planning test scenarios (including risks) – Zephyr for Jira Cloud and MS Excel are used as the primary test management software (or client management tool);
- Defect management and allocation until defect resolution – Jira is used as the primary defect management tool (or client DMT);
- Preparing detailed test status reports after all test cycles – Project stakeholders are kept up-to-date with the testing progress on a daily basis;
- Providing defect statistics with relevant defect/task management tools (Jira or third party DMT);
- In-house testing of technical projects and integrations;

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Software Development

Software development

We offer software development.
- Development/system integration/UX Design (C++, .NET, java, rails, PHP, javascript)
- Our development team has experience with all types and sizes of projects – from real-time core business applications with tens of thousands of users to simple web and mobile solutions to cloud.
- Most of our development team has experience working in the gaming industry (both land-based and online and including lottery) and / or financial services (back-office management applications and system integration).
- Our core expertise is with JAVA, C++ and Microsoft.NET. In simpler projects we can use Rails, PHP, Javascript and other common web technologies.
- The database for your project will be picked as per the requirements and your preferences (MS SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, POSTGRES).
- Software for all common platforms – server based desktop applications which will run on your workstations, anything on the web and mobile apps for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.

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